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19 July 2017

(1) Reinier de Lang (HAPIN) has paid a visit to Jayapura in week 21 (May 2017). During this visit it became clear that management and other stake holders of SMA Gabungan management will not do any further requests for support the school. There will be no follow up on the earlier donation for computer equipment (see item 'Purchasing a desktop computer' below).

(2.1) On 19 July 2017 we had a meeting with Reinier de Lang (HAPIN). In line with the new policy the Werkgroep decided to support Yulianus Boga during his study.

(2.2) Also we agreed on the next five action points:
A1 Reinier will provide an overview of the costst for supporting Yulianus Boga (see picture below);
A2 Reinier will ask Siska v.d. Werff (coordinator educationl program HAPIN, Papua Jayapura) if and which extra support Yulianus needs to make his study succesful;
A3 Addy will write a letter -to be reviewed by Humphrey and Reinier- formulating the new policy, to be handed over to the director and/or stakeholders of the SMA Gabungan in Jayapura (see action point below);
A4 Reinier will request Theresia/Siska (i) to translate the letter formulating the new policy into Bahasa Indonesia, (ii) to visit the director of the SMA Gabungan and hand over the letter;
A5 Reinier will make a request to Siska to visit the director of the SMA Gabungan and ask the names of students who perform very well and need support by the Werkgroep.

(2.3) The available funds amount on January 1 2017: 25.247.

(3) We have decided to spend a maximum of 5000 per year on student support. This implies that the available funds will be spent in about 5 years.

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