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January / February 2018

(1.1) In September 2017 we have written a letter in English , addressed to the director of the SMA Gabungan to inform the management of SMA Gabungan about our new policy (see item 'Werkgroep SMA Gabungan changes its policy' below). This letter has been translated into Bahasa Indonesia by Pt. Hapin in Jayapura.
(1.2) This letter was handed over by Fransiska Van Der Werf (Pt. Hapin in Jayapura) to the SMA Gabungan although the director was not present.

(2) On 1 February 2018 Fransiska visited the SMA again and had a meeting with the new director of SMA Gabungan, Mrs. Titi Halawa, to discuss the new policy of the Werkgroep. This meeting was very constructive; the director believes the new policy will be a golden opportunity for talented young Papua students of the SMA. She will recommend talented and motivated students to Pt.Hapin. Pt. Hapin will do a further selction according to the Hapin criteria for scholarship, the Werkgroep will make the final decision.

(3) In 2017 the Werkgroep has already supported Yulianus Boga (alumnus SMA), student at the Cenderawasih University. The Wergroep paid 600 that year. At this moment Yulianus is waiting for the possibility to do one of the two necessary field studies before finishing his bachelor; he is waiting for news from the university.

(4) On 31 January the Werkgroep had a meeting with Hapin in Utrecht (see pictures below). The decision was made to write a letter to all Dutch sponsors, including all Dutch alumni of the HBS/SMA, about our changed goal: no longer revitalisation of the SMA buildings is aimed for, but the goal is now to support talented and motivated Papua students who need financial support.

******Remark: in July 2017 we decided to spend a maximum of 5000 per year on student support. This implies that the available funds will be spent in about 5 years.
The available fund on December 31 2017 is 24.559.

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Photo: Pupils of the SMA Gabungan Senior High School
at the entrance of their school

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